Early thoughts on Extreme Production and real life

I recently read a book about extreme production and many aspects resonated with me. My one question to the author (Craig Burgess) is how do you stick to your goals when life gets in the way.

This is a major factor is my life as I often try to start new habits, but often one unexpected thing can completely break them. It’s just as the song “Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)” mentions the fact the thing that rocks your life is the thing that comes up on an idle Tuesday evening.

At the minute, the best solution I can offer is never skip something twice. Which does sound like a nice way about going about it as it does give you some breathing room. I know in my own life though that breathing room leads to stuff not being done.

I can’t offer any solutions to this but hopefully over the next year I will be able to give you some solutions. I have messaged Craig about this at this point so will update below if I find an answer but I think this will be something to reflect upon.

Edit: Chris got back to me (thanks Chris), he says it mainly comes down to disapline. However he also plans ahead so he has a buffer if something unexpected comes up.