Living alone during COVID

Well it’s different for one that goes without saying. If I had to summarise it as an experience I would have to give it about a 4/10.

Out of the possible things that can happen in your life it comes under “I wouldn’t recommend”. However I have had some mitigating factors such as I have been employed throughout the entire experience, which has brought some much-needed structure.

I’ve had a couple of bad weeks, where at points I’ve felt like things are falling apart. When I look back at those weeks, I notice that my natural rhythms were falling apart. For example, my regular exercise regime wasn’t being completed.

It highlighted the importance to me of having that regular routine in place, and tracking it to make sure it continues to tick over.

Another interesting affect has been speaking to more friends than live further away much more regularly. A few in other countries that I would aim to meet up with about once a year we are speaking nearly fortnightly.

I think between speaking between these friends and the interaction that work requires as part of my day job. It’s not been too bad for me, as combined it’s a good amount of social contact. I did spend a few days at my parents which brought me much more joy than usual just to be around people.

Overall my opinion is that COVID puts the ball into your park, it becomes up to you to do you want to do something. I hope chatting to longer distance friends remains something that continues into the future, even after COVID, as I have great times talking to those people.